I am a confirmed tea drinker, and not your flashy flavoured modern teas, a simple good mug of Irish tea will do me please and thank you. Who cares about green tea, lemon tea or any other tea is good for something or other, I want to enjoy my cuppa without any added flavours or health benefits, just like ice cream and chocolate, I don’t want them to be healthy, I want them to be nice.

When I was coming over to the USA last February, I brought a tin of tea with me, it has now become home to my Irish tea which I brought in November when I moved here permanently. My best man was also good enough to restock my tea with 4 boxes of Lyons Tea bags and soon another friend is bringing me over some proper Lyons Irish tea leafs.

Tea and Biscuits Pic
My Irish Tea, my train mug and Digestive Biscuits (cookies)

One of the local supermarkets sells Barry’s Irish tea so in case of emergency I will always be able to get some tea from home. They also sell the best biscuits for dunking in the tea, McVities Digestives. But they are not cheap so we found we can get them on Amazon much cheaper and delivered in 2 days. If you don’t know what dunking is you are missing out on something special. It requires very little skill, just the  ability to place your digestive biscuit into you mug of tea just enough so it gets wet, but not to much so it gets soggy and falls into your mug, that is a disaster and can ruin a day.

I take milk in my tea and so do a lot of Irish people, here most people don’t. I went to Starbucks one day and asked for just plain simple black tea and some creamer, I may as well have been asking them for the winning lottery numbers going by the blank expressions that I was greeted with. I have tried coffee and the verdict is still inconclusive so I may try it again, unlikely if I have tea present.

Oh and if you don’t believe me that tea is better than coffee, then read the following link…Benefits of Tea over Coffee. Its on the internet so it must be true 😉


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