Oscar Time

It’s that time of the year, the Annual Hollywood back slapping awards, the 88th Annual Academy Awards it’s more commonly known, The Oscars. This year has seen its fair share of controversy already with no black nominations in the major categories so it will will interesting to see how the host tonight, Chris Rock, handles this. But for me its about my first Oscar party and watching them ‘live’ at a reasonable time of the evening rather than the middle of the night at home in Ireland. 

88th Annual Academy Awards (Oscars)

I have seen 4 of the movies nominated in the Best Movie category and a couple that should have been nominated but there are 4 I haven’t seen. My preference would be to see Brooklyn won best movie, hey I am Irish so I am biased and make no apology for it, but I think it’s an outside bet. I don’t want Reverent to win and I don’t think it will. Mad Max probably won’t either which only leaves me with Bridge of Spies as a movie I have seen, but Tom Hanks has enough Oscars already so it will probably go to a movie I haven’t seen yet.

Best Movie Nominations

For the other major nominations, Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actress I don’t really have an opinion but for Supporting Actor I would love to see Sylvester Stallone won for his role in Creed, the movie was probably a bit unlucky not to be nominated in the Best Movie category. Star Wars, The Force Awakens will probably pick up an award in at least one technical category and I will go with either Visual Effects or Sound.

Supporting Actor Nominations

I love watching movies, and I like all sorts. There are times I will want to watch a thriller, other times a simple kids movie, or a Scifi/action where the story involves zero thinking but its pure entertaining. Either way, movies are for entertainment and should be enjoyed as such. Tonight will be fun and full of opinions of what should have won, who lost and what outfits various movie people wear.

4 thoughts on “Oscar Time

    1. Hope not as even though I did enjoy it, it is up there with the English Patient as a very over rated movie. Enjoyable, hard to film etc, but not an Oscar winner, I hope. Of course, I am usually wrong so am prepared.


  1. I think The Big Short will take it. Sorry we can’t make Leanne’s party but don’t want to pass the crud along. We were at the inaugural party. Sandra

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