One year later

A year ago I was in Atlanta at the start of a journey into the unknown. But as things turned out it wasn’t really the unknown but a bright future that started nearly 14 years earlier in Savannah, GA on St Patrick’s day. Today another step along our journey was taken, a biometric appointment with USCIS in Atlanta. Our paperwork is moving along nicely and we are ticking off the steps.

Our first 'date' was to Fernbank

The trip last February allowed us to start making plans for our future, I know I have touched on this in a previous post, but it’s important so readers get to know more about our journey. We realised very quickly that our spark was real. Over the following days, weeks and months we embarked on a journey through filing for Visa and sorting out a move across the Atlantic for not just me, but my 5 year old Border Collie.

Lassie, my Border Collie

We had great support from family and friends on both sides of the Atlantic, and even had a bit of fun with various countdowns on Facebook. Organsising moving out of my house in Ireland was a bit stressful as well as making sure I had all my paperwork ready for the embassy and US Customs once I reached Dublin Airport. Lassie needed her own paperwork, vaccinations and records as well as a big crate for travel. I was lucky as both my vet and the airline were of immense assistance. I thought the crate would be a battle but Lassie just got in and got herself comfortable for what was going to be a long flight to Orlando. The airline let me know she was onboard and comfortable so I settled back to enjoy the flight to my new life and to join my fiancé.

On the way across the Atlantic

I will endeavour to keep up to date on developments as our journey together continues through not only the immigration process but our continuing life together and my journey of assimilation into American society.

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