Buying a car

Yesterday we went out to have a look at cars to see could we get one for me to help get around. A car is needed here more than at home as you can’t really walk to the local shops or pub!

So our afternoon of looking started at Hennessy Ford as we both like Fords and have driven them for years. I had a Focus back in Ireland and our other car is an Escape.

Ford Logo on Steering Wheel

We knew what we wanted and started looking around, there was so many cars it was a bit daunting but we found the Escapes and started to look to see did they have one we liked with the additions we wanted. We did do a test drive, sat with a salesman and done a few rough figures to see where we were at for affordability. We decided to continue our search to make sure we had investigated our options.

Next stop was Jim Ellis Hyundai sales, again it was a look around before we found a salesman to help us out with test drive and information. This is were our afternoon took a little longer than we thought. So we seen a few cars we liked, and decided to test drive a couple. We moved up to a car we weren’t really looking at in our research but it’s price was very comparable to the model we were looking at, so would it pass our test drive?

Hyundai Santa Fe

So another discussion took place and it was now close to 7pm, we started this process at 2pm in the Ford sales room and here we were 5 hours later on the verge of making a purchase. Buying a car is a huge purchase so you have to work the figures, think of any disadvantages and make sure the advantages outweigh them. But buy a car we did and suddenly we were a 2 car household and I am now independently mobile.

Oh I must add that the whole process from start to finish took about 6 hours. We arrived back home at 9pm with two cars. But our dogs were not to pleased with us as we had left at 10am but after a quick run about and walk as well as lying on our kegs they were happy again.

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