Dirty Forehead Day

So why the title of today’s post? Well I was baptized and christened as a member of the Catholic Church and today is Ash Wednesday, the day that as a young boy and into my late teens I went to church to be annointed with the ashes on my forehead on the morning of Ash Wednesday.


As I got older, and the revelations about the church became more public, I made an educated decision to walk away, not become atheist, but to classify myself as a non practicing Catholic.

I still got married in a church, had my son baptized and will attend funerals, weddings etc if held in a church. My son is near 18 now and he can decide for himself what way he wants to approach religion and the church. Ireland has changed a lot since the late 70’s and 80’s and even though the church still holds a certain amount of sway among the older generation, the younger generation make their own minds up on issues.


This post is not about bashing the church, as there are some fantastic members of the clergy, some of whom I am friends with on social media and I know if I needed them, they would help. This post is about trying to get across what type of person I am. I may not believe in some of the things the Catholic Church stands for or has covered up, but everyone is entitled to their religion, once it doesn’t impede on anyone else’s life or ability to life a peaceful life.

To show how much things have changed, Ireland allows divorce since 1995 and only last year voted to allow equal marriage rights to all couples. That would never have been possible in 1970’s Ireland. Sure it took 2 constitutional referendums to allow divorce after a heavy defeat in 1986.


I live by common decency rules, be nice to people, be considerate to others opinions, listen and hear as well as talk, don’t be an ass for the sake of being an ass, take a stand but be polite, love your family, kids, wife/partner and try to smile and be happy.

Be nice to one another. I know I said this is going to be a fun blog, but there has to be some serious posts too, not to many I promise.

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