Pancake/Shrove Tuesday

Today is Pancake Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday as it was known at home until the Pancake name took over. Today marks the first day before Lent, which as a child meant giving up something, normally sweets (candy) until Easter. Luckily in Ireland we had St Patrick’s Day which allowed us one day to have those illicit sweets.


Pancakes were never my favourite, but as we only had them once a year and it would be the last sweet thing for 4-5 weeks they were relished. Butter, jam, syrup or just plain sugar were nearly always the topping of choice. The challenge was to have more than a couple and to be completely stuffed, the joys of childhood. Nowadays I can either have or not have and normally the choice is not to have.

Today marks the signal that Easter is only 40 odd days away and the collection of Easter eggs, and who doesn’t love to overdose on chocolate as a child, or adult even though you know its not good for you.

Flipping Pancakes

This will be my first Pancake Tuesday in the USA, and I more than likely wont have pancakes. but instead I will be making a nice Irish dish for myself and Leanne, a nice Shepard’s Pie. As it is very cold and little flurries of snow are falling a pie will hit the spot a lot better that a pancake or two. I am looking forward to Easter and to make new traditions with Leanne, some USA and Irish ones combined.

In the few short months I have been here we have celebrated Thanksgiving, our wedding, Christmas and New year together, and soon we will have our second Valentines Day together, as last year I was here on a visit, followed by St Patrick’s day which will bring back memories of the day we met back in 2001. This will be our first St Patrick’s day together since we met 15 years ago.


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