First Down and ten – Superbowl Sunday

So today is probably the biggest sporting event of the year in the USA or as many would lead you to believe, the World. I doubt that but you can’t deny the Superbowl 50 is massive and will have a worldwide audience in the hundreds of millions.


I have seen many superbowls on tv back home in Ireland, especially in its heyday on Channel 4. For me though it doesn’t compete with the All Ireland finals between Dublin and Kerry or St Pats winning a cup or League but seeing as I now live here it’s to embrace NFL and their big occasion.

So who to shout for tonight at my first Stateside Superbowl Party, well my sister in law is living in Denver so maybe I should shout for them, we live close to Carolina so maybe I should shout for them. I know little or nothing about both sides so I will come down on side of family, Denver it is.

It won’t be the same as cheering for St Patrick’s Athletic in the soccer, or Dublin in the Gaelic games, or Ireland in any sport but will allow me to have a vested interest. I am an Irishman first, a Dubliner and Inchicore man second, so they have to be my first choice always.

Sport in the USA is completely different to what I am used to, 1500 at a game of lucky, even though I have seen Richmond Park packed to the rafters for some classical games and the atmosphere there would make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, can football or soccer here do that, unlikely.

The emotion felt as Christy Fagan scored that second goal for St Pats as the finally won the cup after 53 years will live with me forever, and nothing will ever beat that.

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